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are at risk of disease. >> we don't have enough water. even though we are not sure that it is clean and safe, we drink it because we need to survive. >> reporter: thousands are still missing. some areas are inaccessible four days after the storm hit. here in the bay area, donations are slowly coming in. an 89-year-old world war ii veteran tells kpix5, this is the worst he has ever seen. >> so please, donate, help our country. help our country men. >> reporter: joe vazquez kpix 5. >>> defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered the uss george washington to the philippines. they have 5000 sailors and nearly 80 aircraft on board. the u.s. military deployed marines from okinawa. >>> the death toll has surpassed 1700, some officials are saying it could be well over 10,000 people dead. cbs reporter, barnby lowe was in the town of hata has the tine hit. >> just as we finished this report, typhoon haiyan unleashed its full furry with up to 195 winds blowing the rooftops off. debris was flying in all directions. the ocean rose several feet in just a few minutes. huge waves crashed into our o hotel. eve
in the contract. >> we don't know how it got in there and we are trying to figure that out and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu said bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: is there any possibility that worst-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> uhm, i -- i -- i don't think that has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> reporter: next step is to figure out how much this mistake will cost them meaning how much it will be to give each employee six weeks of paid family leave. live in daly city, back to you. >> we just heard that bart officials say he doesn't think there will be a bart strike but if there is one, don't you think the ridership would just go on strike themselves? they can't do this again. >> reporter: i know. really at the end of the day, you know, we say all the time there are two key players here management and the unions. bu
know, all the toys that you get the really good deals on i don't need so much anymore. >> reporter: there is good news for you. this is one of the selected target stores that is offering 40% off all merchandise throughout the day. right now actually they have some folks that are restocking their shelves. they expect more of a crush later this afternoon. that is it from here in fremont. we will send it over to the best buy in dublin where mark kelly joins us. >> reporter: good morning, ryan. we're here at the best buy in dublin. not that typical stampede we're sometimes used to seeing on black friday but they definitely got a good amount of customers inside. joining me is kevin rose, store manager here at best buy. how do you think black friday 2013 is going so far? is it all right? >> yeah, it has been a great year. we're having a lot of fun. giving us a great opportunity to take care of customers and help them shop when and how they want whether it is during the dot com channel or shopping in stores. >> reporter: things are changing in a lot of stores opening on thanksgiving. we'r
, too, guys. don't want to miss that. >> thank you. >>> a new snag could cause problems for the new bart contract. the bart board meets in private today to talk about it. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city with the issue that could nix the contract. cate. >> reporter: michelle, commuters are probably rolling their ayes as they're watching this. this -- their eyes as they are watching this. this time bart said they found a provision in the new contract that should have been dropped and negotiations could go back to square one. just when riders thought it was over, the bart labor dispute is back. remember the tentative contract that ended the bart strike? management now says there is a glitch in it one that could derail the labor agreement. >> stuff happens is all i can say. things slip by. >> reporter: bart board director zachary mallet told us that buried in the contract which is hundreds of pages long is a provision that gives workers 6 weeks of paid family leave. bart management says that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we do not know how it got in there.
is in the air. >> all smoke is harmful. you don't want to breathe any smoke. it's an industrial operation here. so that's why the shelter in place was ordered. >> reporter: wind car rise the smoke to the southwest over 101 toward pal low alto, right over the roofs of this park. residents were warned to stay inside, but these kids didn't listen. >> they said it was pretty dangerous and it might cause cancer, something like that. >> reporter: what were you guys doing outside? >> reporter: brian webw, kpix. >>> developing news. u.s. marine general said he saw bodies everywhere as he flew over the area where super typhoon hit. sue man mcguinness said it will be hard to get aid to those most in need. >> reporter: typhoon came ashore this morning as a category one storm, weaker than the potential record-breaking typhoon that crashed into the philippines friday. tens of thousands feared dead, but getting an accurate count hard, the communications systems down in many areas. jim ed is a photographer from florida who was in one of the hard-hit areas. >> it was complete chaos, a mass of people tryin
in their 3020s and 30s. two of them are in critical condition at this hour. they don't have any suspects or a motive in the case. >>> a vietnam war veteran is telling his story of how he broke the fall of a woman who jumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum. as andria borba reports, donny that vie dad is recovering from injuries at his home. >> reporter: the on field doctor mat on sunday pailed in comparison to what happened in the stands. 15 minutes after the raiders titans game from time to time the top of section -- game. from the top of section 301 a woman threatening to jump. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> i even yelled up to her not to do it. >> reporter: then in the split second it takes to make a decision she jumped and fell 50 feet. 51-year-old vietnam vet donny navidad of stockton tried to catch her and stop her from plummeting to certain death. >> because i'm concerned with her. and like i said she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in her. >> reporter: but the force of the petite victim falling simply too much. >> what i tried to do was grab h
>> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5 on this tuesday, and don't look now, but the doppler is up and working again. here's lawrence. >> can you believe it, guy, it's been quite a while since we have been able to track rain drops in the bay area. we're seeing some of that outside with the high def doppler radar and looks like most so far not hitting the ground. in the north bay, some of what we call verga. just off the coastline, we have some more substantial radar returned right down here. some yellows and oranges may hold together enough to give a chance of scattered showers. and mainly north of the golden gate bridge, and maybe a few showers further south. most is going to come through this morning, and i think by the afternoon, it should begin to break up. skies will part. we'll see sunshine and clouds. temperatures, though, very mild this morning under mostly cloudy skies. into the 50s outside. by the afternoon, still looking at maybe some mid-70s. warmest spots inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. keeping the 60s out toward the coastline. time to check out your kcbs traffic w
dinner? these are things i don't like to think about. [ laughter ] >> before you have eaten it? here's some estimate from a coach up a service that matches athletes with private coaches. 20.6 hours of bowling. >> not happening. >> 7.7 hours of running. oh, talk about not happening. or playing basketball or football. 15 hours of cycling, 10.3 hours of rowing or 10.6 hours of swimming. how much are you eating for that? quite a meal. take it slow. >>> 5:06. the bay area teenager who was severely burned on a bus is home from the hospital on this holiday just in time for his thanksgiving dinner. 18-year-old sasha fleischman arrived at his oakland home yesterday afternoon spending three weeks at saint francis burn center. earlier this month 13-year-old richard thomas set the teen's skirt on fire on a bus. sasha's father took this photo of him in his bedroom, both his legs in bandages. >> sasha is really excited to be at home. he just walked you up the stairs. sasha is tired in general just physically and emotionally. >> family says the attack won't stop sasha from wearing skirts again. sas
it any way i can get it. >> other events include a parade in ant i don't care. that begins at the marina at 11:00 a.m.. >>> most government offices will be closed for veteran's day. there will be no regular postal service today. most libraries, schools, banks will also be closed. >>> several offering discounts or free services to vets here on veteran's day. among them, the doctors express urgent care center in knew wash. the facility is providing checkups at no cost to veterans, lab work, prescriptions. >> i have a lot of family members that have been in the military, a strong connection. my son fought in both wars that we're currently involved in. and we thought, let's do something a little special. this is our business. so we thought let's use the business, give back a little bit. >> members need to have some sort of proof of service to get those free services. >>> state lawmakers about to look into the trouble project to build a new eastern span of the bay bridge. getting repairs more than two months after it opened. in addition safety issues, the project cost billions of dollars more
don't want to hydroplane this morning. it's between lucky and sir francis drake. and the warning signs are up. you can see it. it's slick out there and there's puddling in the middle lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. so we'll give you your travel times, update you on any hazards and show you a check of mass transit coming up. >> take it slow. thank you. >>> the weather probably played a role in a fatal accident in vallejo. a man was struck by two cars on broadway last night. he was trapped under the second car and dragged for about a mile before somebody got the driver to stop near a park. by then, it was too late. >> we have had some heart rain and it's -- hard rain and it's wet out. that probably had something to do with it. that's more reason to slow down driving. >> the police say the driver wasn't aware he had hit someone. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. >>> pg&e has crews working to restore power all over the bay area right now. the most outages are in the south bay with more than 1700 customers without electricity right now. more than 500 outage
butter and jelly sandwich we have to make that loaf of bread last, you know? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> reporter: congress included additional funding for the program in the 2009 stimulus bill but that expired which means a $5 billion cut in food stamp benefits nationwide. a family of three like lisa's will lose up to $29 a month. for others the loss could range from $11 to $36 for a family of four. valencia adams who oversees a nonprofit for low-income families in southern california worries the demand for food banks will spike. >> you're talking about families maybe having to decide about, you know, whether we pay the light bill, whether we pay all of the rent and could end up facing homelessness. >> reporter: lisa hopes a social worker can help her family find housing. they are temporarily living in a hotel. >> if you are struggling now, what will it be like with these cuts? >> more struggles. you got to wake up every day and face it. >> reporter: and there could be more cuts coming. congress is debating that right now. in fact, the republican- controlled house
,000 square feet of retail space. as don knapp reports, to make it all happen 100 stores could get the boot. >> reporter: it's sunday and people in walnut creek are shopping, taking little notice of the public hearing signs tied to lamp posts. the signs refer to design divisions and a master plan that would add 300,000 square feet to the already bustling shopping area. >> the variety of shops that are offered, the outdoor feel. >> niemann mark us. >> nordstrom, macy's. all of the above. >> reporter: but the plans for the successful broadway plaza call for big changes beginning with new construction where about 100 shops now stands. the shops have to vacate by early next year. one shop en er told the san francisco business times she was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy is getting better. so a different type of shopper. so there is going to be some variety. some people leave. some people come. >> it's all good. >> reporter: one store owner says they have been moving ahead with plans even before getting approvals. victoria's secret has moved, waiting out construc
rolling in right now but since we don't have that, how about a little sunshine? plenty of that today. chilly in spots. 39 napa. 48 san jose. 54 san francisco. we'll talk about your weather coming up. >> and hitting the roads right now, there was some overnight roadwork in livermore so we are seeing a little bit of slowdowns now eastbound. we'll talk about the westbound coming up. in the meantime, a quick check of your bridges shows everything is at the limit. there's a lot of overnight roadwork right now so we'll show you where some of it is. >> thank you. >>> new this morning, a fiery crash knocked out power to the newly opened graton resort and casino. the car hit a utility pole at 101 and roberts lake road and caught fire around 11 p.m. the driver took off. hundreds of people lost power in the area for hours. >>> a building on leyte island collapsed as thousands of filipinos in need of food and water rushed the building. two americans were killed. marlie hall has the situation in the philippines is getting more and more desperate. >>> reporter: soldiers with guns are
at the travel forecast, over to lawrence karnow in the weather center. i don't think the timing could be much worse for the people traveling especially the eastern seaboard. >>> you can see the storm system working its way out of the deep south yesterday and you can see a lot of moisture and a lot of cold air on the backside of it now but now working through atlanta and right through parts of the eastern seaboard now to the north. you have some very heavy snow and some places maybe more than a foot of snow. you have lots of rain out toward the coastline and the south. so it is going to be a mess as we head in toward tomorrow. still a clear start to the day at sfo. no delays expected there. so far with just checking for the latest delays and nothing right now. but that will likely change as we head throughout the day. rain of course going to be heavy in atlanta. mostly sunny into denver and houston you're looking at some rain there as well and new york some showers but that will likely be picking up into tomorrow expect heavy rain there. and it looks like in the western half, well, looks like
will not be enforced so don't bring quarters at least for today. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >>> the bay area teenager who was burned on a bus is back home this morning just in time for thanksgiving. kpix 5's da lin with more on luke "sasha" fleischman's road to recovery. >> reporter: sasha fleischman sits in the front passenger seat as the family car pulls into the garage home after three weeks at the if burn center. >> he is really excited to be at home. just walked up the stairs. >> reporter: his father took this photo of him smiling in his bedroom. you can see both of his legs are wrapped with bandages. sasha is tired in general physically and emotionally. >> reporter: earlier this month 16-year-old richmond thomas set the agender teen's skirts on fire aboard a bus. police say the suspect did it because he is homophobic. but sasha's family says the attack won't stop him from wearing skirts. in fact he won a black one yesterday. >> people realize that you can wear whatever you want and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> reporter: what will change is sasha probabl
. >> sasha is not ready to forgive the 16-year-old but he should be in juvenile court. >> i don't want too harsh just because people do dumb things. >> whether or not it was a hate crime sasha says it was a hateful thing to set someone on fire. he is glad the attack brought awareness about people who don't identify as male or female. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that is something i'm not going to give up. it is a big part of who i am. >> he's thankful for the ability to express himself and so much more. >> i'm really glad to be home for thanksgiving. >> sasha won't be riding the bus by himself any time soon. in oakland, i am da lin, kpix 5. >>> a judge is expected to rule next month as to whether he should be tried as a juvenile or adult. >>> a dump truck crashed into a whop's house. this is what it looked like after the crash happened last night. a elderly woman was in the home but was not injured. the chp is investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. >>> on this day after thanksgiving it is 21 minutes before 5:00. a new tool designed to make you feel safer in your
clogging up these roads on opening day. >> be patient. know your alternates. if you don't have to come this area, maybe put it off until next week. >> reporter: as staff puts the finishing touches on this $800 million facility, the general manager is focused on the 2,000 jobs his resorts created. as for traffic, the casino has charter bus service. 10,000 cars is the estimate. how are you going to control all that? >> i'm really pleased to let you know that having lived in california for quite some time now, californians know how to drive. >> reporter: expect graton to drive cars and people to rohnert park. gamblers have to sleep, too. the good night inn sits just around the corner from the casino. >> thank you for calling the good night inn. >> reporter: the new casino has been keeping hotel staff on their toes. getting a lot of calls about it already? >> we have, especially today we are going to be busy. tomorrow, also, we're almost sold out. >> reporter: some see more traffic as a nightmare. for this megacasino, it's a sign of success. >> this is a good thing economically for the co
is a jokester. nothing like that. didn't know it was going to be that. he's a good kid, a very good kid. i don't know. he was joking around. >> richard thomas is scheduled to be back in court next tuesday. >>> today in san jose george shirakawa junior finds out if he is going to jail. the former santa clara county supervisor will be sentenced for five felonies and seven misdemeanors involving public money to feed his gambling habit. prosecutors want the 51-year- old shirakawa to be locked up for a year. defense attorneys will argue for community service instead of jail. >>> 5:09. bart unions say the transit system is more interested in time schedules than safety in the workplace. a hearing in san francisco looked into what happened last month when a bart train struck and killed two workers on the tracks. at the center of the debate was culture. workers gave examples of what they called dangerous conditions. bart says safety has always been a priority though. officials say bart has worked with cal/osha over the years to fix things >>> a 9-year-old girl from marin helped twitter make history on
. this man says, we don't know if it's safe. we need to boil it. but at least we have something. officials say typhoon haiyan destroyed tens of thousands of homes and buildings and killed more than 2200 people. many bodies pulled from the rubble lay uncollected on the side of the road. airports are re-opening. survivors in tacloban city are lining up for miles waiting for a flight out. >> the goal of our family, to leave the city so that we can start a new life. >> reporter: a massive international relief effort is under way. communication is difficult so teams of experts like this one from the united states are traveling to devastated areas to assess the situation. >> we provide medical aid, search-and-rescue and assessments in communities that we can better inform the government and military what's needed. >> reporter: while some supplies are arriving, there's still much more that is needed. the security situation is also getting worse. eight people were crushed to death when looters stormed a rice warehouse looking for food. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the people of tacloban had feared th
at the mission police station. >> terrifying. [ crying ] >> you just don't think that things like this will happen. you just don't think, you know? >> it's been two days since massive storms hit the midwest bringing wind, rain and 76 reported tornadoes. today folks began to pick up the pieces. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 19. it is good to be here. [ laughter ] >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's good to have you here, frank. >> good to be aboard. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. after nearly two months without it, rain is finally moving into the bay area today and meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the wet weather. >> yeah. great to see the raindrops falling around the bay area. most of that confined north of the golden gate bridge. that's where we have seen the showers almost .10" of rain so far but plenty more to come. our hi-def doppler rad
for a macbook or ipad and i don't really see great prices for that. >> reporter: you feel like you might have to dig a little bit more? >> might have to keep looking. like a treasure hunt. got to keep looking. >> this is something you typically do? >> not really. this year we -- we wanted to go out and maybe find a deal, you know. >> reporter: you're not finding it yet? >> no, i would have been very upset if i stood in line with all the rest of the people. >> reporter: are you going to keep looking? >> we will try a bunch of places. we had a good night's sleep. we have a little energy. >> reporter: you didn't want to start on thanksgiving. >> no, no. we can't do thanksgiving. kind of boycotting that idea. >> reporter: why that is? >> because i just think that everybody should be at home with their families. >> reporter: and enjoying and relaxing? >> enjoying, relaxing. i think we shouldn't take the fun out of that just to save a couple extra bucks. >> reporter: are you surprised to not see any lines? or what you expected? >> kind of what i expected. i watched the news when i got up this morni
year. but critics forced the issue to a vote. >> we don't need 134 high-rise luxury condos that will really change what our waterfront looks like. >> the waterfront alliance which opposed the project now turning its attention to a planned basketball arena. the group wants san francisco leaders to reassess the golden state warriors proposal on the bay. >>> some stricter gun control laws passed down in sunnyvale nearly two-thirds of voters in the low crime city approved measure c to require gun owners to report a loss or theft of weapons to police within 48 hours. firearms will have to be locked up now when not in the owner's direct possession and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will be banned in the city. the national rifle association plans to sue in hopes of stopping it. >>> the race for governor of new jersey was among several high-profile elections across the country. republican chris christie easily beat the democratter challenger. he got more than 60% of the vote in his democrat leaning state. >> i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey,
-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> i don't think that has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the bart board is scheduled to vote on the contract next thursday. >>> a transgender teen was involved in a brutal fight at an east bay school and it was caught on camera. investigators say it could be a hate crime. as kpix 5's andria borba reports, this follows another attack against a transgender teen. >>> reporter: >> i heard -- i just heard screaming and then everybody ran out of my class. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this is what hercules high sophomoricky moreno heard yesterday afternoon between 6th and 7th period a fight between a group of girls and i transgender teen. >> there's like a bunch of people tried to stop it. >> reporter: administrators tell kpix 5 the transgender teen initiated the fight after being taunted and just two days earlier told administrators she was being harassed. all over campus there are signs like this warning disruptive conduct could lead to fines and jail time. none of the teens
of sending sexual suggestive emails to a female subordinate. the allegations don't appear to involve a direct breach of president obama's security but both have been removed from the president's detail. >>> time now 5:09. call it the ultimate gamble. why a bay area 23-year-old just turned down three billion dollars from facebook. plus -- >> hurts very bad. and i just want to say let's pray for them, hope they're okay. >> the disaster in the philippines hitting close to home as local children step up their efforts to aid in the relief. >> and a police chief was busted on camera breaking the law. what he did on his motorcycle that has him in hot water. >> a thick fog settling in over the bay area. will it break up today? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are still watching this big rig crash in pinole. big rig lost control and went up the embankment wednesday bound 80 by pinole valley. more coming up. >> and a reminder kpix 5 is partnering up with the red cross to raise money for the victims. we are going to have a live phone bank today from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. to learn how you can help,
gonna say they don't like it because there's so many places they ban it before and now that it's here in palo alto, but i'm okay with that. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> a city council committee is expected to get a smoking ban proposal early next year. >>> time now is 4:39. at least 8 people are dead after dozens of tornadoes strike the midwest. the reason so many people were able to were able to survive the twisters. >> police officers in new mexico open fire on a minivan full of children. what led to this dangerous situation? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, help necessary to the midwen states hit by deadly storms. more than 80 tornadoes were repo >>> president obama has pledged any help necessary to the midwestern states hit by deadly tornadoes. more than 80 were reported on sunday. at least 8 people were killed and hundreds of homes were flattened. one woman in indiana said she had just seconds to get her child and take shelter in her bathroom. >> i had just grabbed my baby out of the crib and we jumped into the bathtub literally probably 10 seconds before. >> that was back here. >> right
just fine. >> it's down to the wire but for those who put off making their big thanksgiving dinner, don't worry. many grocery stores will be open today. >> across the country, around the world, people come here for it. >> it's the annual tradition, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. people are already lining the streets of new york city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> and he scores! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> and good morning, happy thanksgiving. it's thursday, november 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. it is 6:00 and just in time for thanksgiving, it looks like that winter storm that blanketed much of the east coast is slowing down. the nation's airports and highways are getting back to normal and after heavy rain and snow forced flight delays and cancellations across the country, here in the bay area traffic was pretty bad as you can see there. but for the most part, flights were on time out of sfo. >> reporter: goo
to be blocked we don't have an estimated time of opening. it could cause further delays. consider using the nimitz freeway, looks good from san leandro and a quick update on the bay bridge commute where they just switched on the metering lights. now the cash and fastrak lanes are stacking up quickly. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. if you are stepping outside right now, a lot of clouds moving overhead but that's actually making for mild conditions out the door right now. but what a change just from yesterday as high pressure is sliding eastward meaning cooler temperatures on the way. out the door we go, looking toward the bridge, low clouds over the bridge and some high clouds above, as well. with that in mind it looks like the temperatures staying mild early on this morning. 40s even some upper 50s into san francisco but by the afternoon, these temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. still, low to mid-70s in much of the east bay a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 70s towards the coastline. >>> developing ne
: with every knock on the door -- >> i don't know anything about it. i honestly don't. >> reporter: -- every phone call and email, the no comments are stacking up the more we ask about google's barge and four- story building at treasure island. google itself isn't commenting. the mayor says he knows nothing about it. san francisco supervisor jane kim who represents treasure island had a spokesperson tell us she had no comment but might say something in a week. then there's the u.s. coast guard. it issued a slightly longer statement than the day before, saying it has an obligation to protect sensitive proprietary information and regarding barge bal-0010 moored at treasure island, coast guard personnel have been on board to conduct routine inspections and ensure compliance with safety, security and environmental protection regulations. but surprisingly, they won't say whether the barge is in compliance. allen martin, kpix 5. >> allen did obtain a lease agreement the owners of the barges has with the treasure island authority. by and large has a one-year lease for the pier, outside property, an
the traffic on 101. >>> people living in a public housing skyscraper in san francisco say the elevators don't work. residents at the clementina towers say the elevators are slow, skip floors and are out of order. some elderly and disabled were unable to leave their apartments recently when both were out at the same time. >> these elevators are breaking down constantly. if it's not one thing it's another. >> the housing authority says it's doing its best to keep up with repairs and maintenance on 30 elevators in 22 buildings. >>> 4:40. just getting started. they are exploding in popularity. why one local college is about to make ecigarettes disappear. >> twitter makes a bold move ahead of its ipo launch that could make them billions. we'll explain how. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there. the env >>> a tugboat known as captain al is out of the oakland estuary more than 15 years after it was sunk there. the environmental protection agency said the 105-foot-long boat was a hazard to recreational sailors and released chemicals into the environment. captain al was raised as part of a two-month effort to cle
. >> reporter: san leandro police don't know what's causing the spike but they have started undercover patrols and hitting the streets hard with all three of their license plate readers. >> we're seeing it actually the whole east bay and along the 880 corridor is seeing a rise in numbers. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> nationwide, the number of auto thefts rose last year after 8 years of declines. >>> it is 4:36 now. oakland police are trying to determine if hate crime charges could apply in the case of a bus passenger who was set on fire. investigators say 18-year-old luke fleischman was asleep on an ac transit bus on monday night when someone torched his skirt. fleischman has second- and third-degree burns now. police arrested a 16-year-old suspect on tuesday. >> started with a lighter unprovoked. even after a career in law enforcement i still find it disturbing. >> fleischman who also goes by the name of sasha is hospitalized in stable condition. a website has been set up to help pay his medical bills. >>> google is finally breaking its silence about that mysterious barge out on the bay.
%. >> reporter: muni riders we spoke with were skeptical. >> i don't want to be regulated that way. >> reporter: nearly twitchy about the thought of putting down their phones. >> for me to put my phone down? no. i can't do that. >> it's kind of hard because i don't want to be bored. i want to keep myself entertained. if i'm traveling a long distance, i can listen to music, i can, you know, check some emails. >> reporter: muni rider roseanne harris has a plan to end bus ride boredom. a novel concept. think of it as a real-life status update. >> talk to the people who sit right next to you. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> san francisco police chief greg suhr says two out of three robberies in the city involve a smartphone. >>> a 16-year-old boy now facing hate crime charges and will be tried as an adult for setting fire to a man while sleeping on a bus. oakland police say richard thomas told investigators he was homophobic and lit luke fleischman on fire laws he was wearing a skirt. luke goes by the name of sasha. he is hospitalized now with burns on his legs. the suspect's family says the
are not stopping right now near where the incident happened. that's the del norte station. we don't have any to when this will arrive. an investigation is still going. no trains going through for a while. expect major delays in the richmond delay. typical that means 15 minutes or more. and this could impact other b.a.r.t. lines as well. muni, caltrains and ace, though. everything else reporting no delay. we have other major issues. this time on the roads, this in oakland. you can see the delays building in traffic cameras. northbound 880 by 23rd. one lane blocked there. a stall reported north toward 5 5th. causing good sized delays, beyond the high street exit and growing. that drive time will continue to build as well as long as they can't clear it. at least one lane blocked. westbound 580 approaching north livermore accident involving a taxi cab. it's causing slow downs through the livermore valley, one lane is blocked. traffic was heavy coming through the altamont pass, now it's worse in the red, 27 minutes right now. through the altamont pass toward the dublin interchange we should get p
a parade in ant i don't care that begins at the marina at 11:00 a.m. . >>> several businesses offering discounts or free services to vets on veteran's day. the doctors express center in knew wash is providing checkups at no cost to veterans. >>> even labwork, prescriptions are free. >> i have a lot of family members that have been in the military a strong connection. my son fought in both wars. thought "let's do something special. this is our business." we thought, give back a little bit. >> members need to show some proof of past, current service to get those free services. >>> the united states marines rushed to the philippines to help. reporting widespread devastation from typhoon hayan. as reporter suzanne mcguinness explains, survivors are struggling just to stay alive. typhoon hayan came ashore this morning as a category one storm, weaker than the potential record-breaking typhoon that crashed into the philippines friday. tens of thousands are feared dead, but getting an accurate count is hard. communications systems down in many areas. jim ed is a photographer from florida who w
to be successful because we will be saying, we don't want tourists in this town anymore. >> measure b is the only issue on today's ballot in sonoma. >>> it's 5:20. caught on camera. what may have caused eight manhole covers to go flying. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. the giants land a free agent pitcher who made his name as an oakland athletics. >> and you think the 49ers got robbed? wait until you see the ending of monday night football. coming up. ,,,, you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. blasted eight manhole cover rhode island. at the time... firefighters were responding to >>> an underground fire and explosion blasted eight manhole covers in rhode island. at the time, firefighters were responding to reports of high carbon monoxide levels. two people were injured in the explosions, they are now in the hospital. officials believe the underground fire was triggered by a faulty electrical cable. >>> good morning, everybody. tim hudson made a name for himself in the bay area as a member of the a's big three. wel
>>> it's the first rain in nearly two months, but don't put those umbrella away just yet. parts of the bay could be seeing rain through thursday morning. >> tried to stop them from speaking out for patient safety and it's wrong. >> thousands of university of california medical center workers are going on strike today. the union has been working without at contract for a year. >> so it's over the top and this is definitely that something needs to be done about that. >>> dozens are expected to rally against the san francisco police department. video surfaced sparking claims of excessive force. >> what happened to miss spalding ford should have never happened to anyone. >> reporter: lynne spalding was missing for more than 2.5 weeks before her body was finally found in san francisco general hospital and now authorities have finally interviewed the mysterious witness who they believe reported seeing her days earlier in a hospital stairway. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> are you kidding me?! you captions by: caption
sweatshirt to smother the flames. >> i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero. i don't think so. no. just somebody needed help and i just did what i could do. just glad it worked out that i could be there for him. >> police are still searching for a second person who helped out. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas, is charged as an adult and faces felony charges with hate crime enhancements. >>> 4:35 right now. let's get our first check on weather. >> still got some showers but looks like it's winding down. what a change in the next few days. out there, though, we have scattered showers showing up on our hi-def doppler radar. of course, we had that heavy rainfall yesterday. and now we continue to see those showers rotating on through. taking you in for a closer look. heavier rainfall in the livermore valley. watch out for that. you have strong cells moving through that area and out of pleasanton and just to the north of that, you can see some more storms rotating through. those are all spreading south. so you get the idea that the storm system beginning to wind down but not quite done with us
using his own sweatshirt to put out the flames. >> i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero. i don't think so. no. just somebody needed help and i just did what i could do. i'm just glad it worked out that i could be there for him. >> police are still searching for a second good samaritan who helped on the bus. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas, has been charged as an adult. he faces felony charges with hate crime enhancements. >>> time now is 5:10. coming up, macy's parade problem? why there's such an uproar over a planned float by seaworld. plus -- >> if i don't have all the work done, oh, i have to deal with [ indiscernible ] >> he is tough yet fair. a retired police officer makes a major inroads at a solano county school. >> and watch out, jean claude van dam! you're not the only one who can do the split. check it out. >> ouch. >> wow, that looks painful. still got heavy downpours outside right now and there's more to come. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and so far, so good on the bay area roads. pretty quiet commute and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza if you are abo
saying that people shouldn't have access to these things. we don't want to pay for them. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and choose not based on science, not based on healthcare, not based on anything else, but pick and choose which services to provide to employees. >> if the high court agrees with the administration, businesses that refuse to pay for contraception could face fines. >>> time now is 4:40. a farmer catches an international oil giant breaking the law. this morning, he talks to kpix 5 about how he discovered the illegal operation. >> and it is a discovery that's putting a thanksgiving turkey in a brand-new light. what could be spreading a dangerous bacteria, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, penalized an oil company for "fracking".. now, the state is investigating near0 other companies. allen martin shows us: >>> for the first time, california's penalized an oil company for fracking. now the state is investigating nearly 80 other companies. allen martin shows us it's all because of one farmer who caught an international oil giant redhanded. >>> reporter:
francisco said we don't need 134 high-rise luxury condos that will really change what our waterfront looks like. >> the 8 washington project is defeated. that means no condominium waterfront development. now it can open the door for leaders to reassess the golden state warriors waterfront arena proposal. >> classes are in jeopardy at san jose state university this morning. big budget problems means deep cuts for school programs. >> get in line! >> expect a crowd on the roads again this morning as lots of people head to the newly opened graton resort & casino in rohnert park. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> we heard the whistle and threw it up there. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, it's wednesday, november 6. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. >>> and we begin with breaking news. kpix 5's anne makovec has some new information on that overnight amber alert for a two- week-old boy. >> anne, we're just l
, we don't. >> reporter: but this game is being played at 6 p.m. right in the heart of the evening commute. these roads are usually jammed at rush hour anyway. palo alto police will have their hands full when some 45,000 extra people converge on the neighborhood. >> we have a different type of infrastructure. we don't have the large in and out freeways that some larger cities with good football teams have. so the thoroughfare of the embarcadero, people coming in, it's two lanes in and two lanes out. >> reporter: there's no avoiding it since any other route will have to end up here anyway. >> no matter how we look at it where people go, there's going to be a lot of traffic in palo alto tonight. >> reporter: gary may have the best idea. since stanford allows season ticketholders to tailgate in lot 2 up to 2 days prior to the game, he has been living here in his rv since tuesday. >> the problem is, how in the heck do you get off work and make it to a tailgate for a 6:00 game? >> reporter: that's a terrible problem to have. >> the solution some of them take vacation for a day. [ laught
, it was blocked off and cover in tarps. the good samaritan plead with the woman over and over, don't do it. the standoff was brief, she jumped and fell 45 feet. the good samaritan actually tried to catch her and then broke her fall. she was knocked unconscious and was in very critical condition. he was still alert and taking with paramedics and in stable condition and expected to survive his injuries. the man is a 61 year and marine corps reserveist. stadium authorities are trying to figure out how the got into the closed off section. >> the individual had to go through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they actually ended up in that section, because it wasn't a public accessible area for the game. >> the stadium believes the woman jumped and was not pushed and they say their employees followed protocol and blocked off that section correctly. michelle? >> okay, live in oakland, thank you. >>> 6:06 now, santa rosa teenager is in a coma this morning after possibly falling through the roof of a high school gym up in the north bay. a passer-by the know used 17
're not being in whips and chains now but we don't need to be living. >> t. >> joseph baumgartner, collin war rin and leggen beaschler are all suspended and facing hate crime charges. >> they were just there. they just stayed in their rooms. >> students could be heard loud and clear this afternoon at a campus rally in support of the victim. >> a lot of people feel like, oh, we're in the bay area. we're in california, racism's not alive. in reality it still happens. >> howard shay played video games with the victims. >> i couldn't tell. he was going down the hall, you know, he seemed perfectly fine. >> a couple of his classes, good student, real nice kid. definitely didn't deserve it. >> in san jose betty yu kpix 5. >> those suspects face a year in jail if convicted. they look like your afternoon coffee shop from the outside but inside it's another story. ozone cafe was one of six sites in san jose that the feds and police officers swarmed yesterday. fbi and dea agents simultaneously raided ten locations in all across the bay area seizing evidence of illegal gambling and extortion. seven peopl
at this point. right now they are holding steady by the jacklin road exit. 20 miles per hour. we don't know when the investigation will be finished. it looks like now it's going into the 6:00 hour. more problems, now for sierra travelers. all lanes blocked detouring cars around the accident scene. eastbound 80 this is by truckee, but we are hearing things are pretty much jammed from 89. also, in the south bay just the usual delays 101 from san jose. there is an accident northbound 101 at tully but for the most part mostly green sensors up and down the guadalupe parkway and 280 and at the bay bridge no metering lights. let's go to milpitas for the latest on the problems there and a traffic alert. here's cate caugiran. >> reporter: as michelle mentioned, chp did say this accident is now a crime scene and an active dui investigation. lock over here. there's still a lot of activity going on as cars are slow. scott creek road and northbound 680, two contract workers were moving a road sign for some emergency roadwork on the off- ramp and their truck was parked on the right-hand shoulder. one worker w
at o'hare. please pick up. >> a dust pan, elizabeth? >> i don't know. i don't know if live gators are allowed on commercial flights. >>> let's go out live. check out our traffic cameras. all is quiet across the bay area. travel times are not picking up any delays. all green on the censors. so a heads up. beat the morning rush by heading out now. here is a live look outside at the freeway past the. oakland airport and the drive time under 20 minutes. it is about 19. actually, i need my glasses. 15 minutes between 238 and mayes. picking up a few brake lights past the anitoch bridge. and then into pittsburgh and bay point towards concord everything looks good. the sensors turn back to green. in the south bay, these are live traffic sensors picking up top speeds 75 miles per hour through downtown san jose on northbound 280. free and clear towards cupertino. mass transit nothing tophet. checking in with bart, more than 35 trains systemwide. on time. it's a great option. golden gate ferries, no reports of any delays. looking fine out of the central valley. i will show you one more traff
in time for the holidays. >> i don't know what i would do without sacred heart. >> reporter: jesse romero works part time and has trouble making ends meet to say nothing of the extra expense of holiday celebrations. >> i have five children and six grandchildren. and sometimes it's just a lot. >> reporter: sacred heart community center plants to serve the same number people of this holiday season more than 4,000 families even though the economy may be improving. >> we are seeing gains at the high-end of the job market not at the subsistence level. >> reporter: people are signing up for food for thanksgiving and christmas. sacred heart will distribute more than 16,000,000 toys. >> at least i can do this for my kids. >> reporter: the volunteers '0the doors at 7:00 and they will be signing people up until 6 p.m. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> they have been helping low- income families for 49 years. >>> time for traffic. so much for "friday light. >> busy in san jose. a fatal accident shuttling down a connector ramp involving a pedestrian. we are talking northbound 280 the connector ramp to northbo
samaritan plead with the woman over and over again saying don't do it . the standoff was brief, she jumped and fell 45 feet and the good samaritan actually tried to catch her and broke her fall. that woman was knocked unconscious and she was in very critical condition. he was still alert and talking with paramedics and is in stable condition and is expected to survive. the man is a 61 year old marine corps reserveisns and life long raiders fan. state authorities are trying to figure out how the woman got into the closed off section. >> the individual had to go through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they actually ended up in that section because it wasn't a public accessible area for the game. >> and the stadium says the woman jumped and was not pushed and they say employees followed protocol and the a yeah was blocked off correctly. >>> well, raider fans some types get a bad rap but there's plenty of good to say about this guy i guess, right? >> yeah, authorities did not hesitate to use the word "hero" and they say he's a very compassionate person and he
they're also citizens of the sense that what we have we share what we have with those who don't have. what are we doing? >> helping the philippines. >> how? >> by giving them things. >> reporter: the principal has been amazed by his kids' generosity. 90% of his students come from socio-economic disadvantaged families. some are even homeless. but they are still giving. >> just running up to me crying. these are kids who are struggle -- and these are kids who are struggling with homelessness on a day-to-day basis and yet they're reaching out to share what they have with the families they don't even know. >> reporter: the proceeds will be given to the school's community partner, the neighboring filipino multiservice center. and it will go directly to those who need it the most. >> it's such a small part but i feel like if kids feel like they are doing a little bit, then it creates a bigger picture of making a difference. >> the principal's children are still in the philippines. they survived the storm doing fine but it's been a tough week for him and students who all have friends and fa
to be on and off so don't feel like if you see that spot of sun in the middle of the day that you need to put away those umbrellas because you will need them throughout the day. live in the north bay, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. >>> vallejo police think the weather may have been a factor in a fatal accident. a pedestrian not in a crosswalk was struck by two cars on broadway last night. he was trapped under one of the cars and dragged to about a mile before someone told the driver to stop. the driver did not know he had hit someone. >>> it's a busy morning for pacific gas & electric crews working to get the power back on. the most outages are in the south bay with about 1600 customers without electricity. more than 500 outages are reported in the north bay. in the east bay, 168. and in san francisco, on the peninsula, only a dozen outages at the moment. >>> well, the rain knocked out power to thousands of people including many in the dogpatch neighborhood in san francisco. power problems were at their worst last night with about 15,000 customers losing power. >>> no protest expected in san
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